For Entrepreneurs that want to quickly plan and launch their business with confidence!

If you have recently lost your job and are wanting to start your own business, you might qualify for the Washington State Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) and create your own means of employment in an occupation that interests you while stimulating the local economy!

Receive unemployment benefits while training how to start your business!

The Get Launched Now training program meets the guidelines of the WA State Self-Employment Assistance Program by providing you with:

Entrepreneurial Training

Business Counseling

Technical Assistance

Hi, I'm Daryl Murrow

For the past 25 years I’ve launched and grown 3 successful businesses, earned a full-time income while doing it.  Since 2008 I’ve helped my entrepreneur clients launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

Using my planning strategies, clients are able to get results anywhere from successfully launching their new business start-up to generating over a million dollars in yearly revenues.

Starting a new business can be extremely exciting, but also overwhelming and stressful.  It requires a lot of hard work, focused attention, and long hours in the beginning.  

As your own instructor, coach and mentor, I will personally take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the business planning and launch process.  

What type of businesses have taken our training?

Remodeling contractors, handyman, attorneys, real estate agents, manufactures, retail stores, consultants, coaches, painters, accountants/bookkeepers, insurance agencies, trainers, designers, artists, print shops, programmers, software developers, authors,  therapists, home inspectors, food truck, blogger, computer repair, financial planners, and many more . . . have went through this course and have their business up and running.


A self-paced training program for for entrepreneurs who want to make smart decisions, achieve their goals, and launch their business with confidence!

Here's What you get with Get Launched Now training program


This self-paced course is designed to be flexible so you can learn and plan at your own pace, wherever you may be, even on the go – walking, driving in your car, or working out at the gym.


Each module has been carefully designed to teach you the concepts you need for planning your business success.  Each module includes video and audio clips, worksheets, templates, and checklists. 


Join our private Facebook User Group so you can ask questions and engage with other business owners.  Learning from your peers is one a tremendous benefit of participating in this program.  

Weekly Q&A Calls

Each week you are invited to participate in our virtually weekly group coaching workshop.  

This is your opportunity to network with other start up business owners, and also ask questions about your specific situation and how to apply the concepts from the training directly into your new business. 


Module #1: Business Considerations

Before you start your business, it is important to first understand the personal and financial impacts this business will have on you and your family. In this module you will identify the strengths you bring to your business and create a plan for strengthening any weaknesses you must compensate for. You will also define what personal success means to you.

Module #2: Defining the Dream

In this module you will define the vision for the business you want to create and identify ‘why’ you are choosing this business among all others. You’ll set your own S.M.A.R.T. goals for getting your business launched and you’re your first year of operation.

Module #3: Feasibility Market Research

In this module you will learn how to test the validity of your business idea to make sure it is feasible before you to invest your time and effort pursuing it. You will identify your ideal target customers, learn how to evaluate your future competition, and learn how to discover the current trends within the industry you plan to compete in.

Module #4: The Business Plan

In this module you will learn the difference and purpose the formal and informal business plan. You will learn the components that are found on a business plan and which plan is right for you as you plan your business.

Module #5 Your Marketing Plan

In this module you will learn how to design your product/service to appeal to your ideal target customer, how to design a marketing message that makes you the obvious choice among your competitors, and the right tactics for you to use to get your message in front of your ideal prospects.

Module #6: Your Company Image

In this module you learn how to create your brand identity that supports your marketing activities and establishes your differentiation in the marketplace.

Module #7: Your Organizational Plan

In this module you will learn what is required for the administrative side of your business. Learn who you are required to pay taxes to and how your taxes are calculated. Learn the best business structure for your business, and any insurance that may be required. Learn what you have to do if when you are ready to hire your first employee.

Module #8: Your Financial Plan

In this module you will learn basic accounting as well as being able to identify what accounts are found on the P&L statement and your company Balance Sheet. Learn how to project future income and expenses by using a cash flow projection template. Learn how to determine how much start up capital is required for your business.

Module #9: Your Online Presence

In this module you will learn how to establish yourself online through the various social media channels. In today’s online socially enabled world the currency of being found is content. We will show you how to create a content plan for consistently producing the kind of content that builds trust, educations and gets you found.

Module #10: Your Technology Systems

In this module you will learn how to leverage technology throughout your business. t’s no longer enough to consider your website enough as an online marketing tool. It’s got to stand up and practically beg people to interact with it. In this module we will discuss the various tools and tactics needed to take full advantage of the online buyer and social media participant.

Module #11: Financing Your Business

In this module you will learn about the various types of financing available to small business owners, as discover the pros and cons of each one. Gain a clear understanding of what a lender looks for and expects from a business owner, and how to write your business plan when seeking financing.

Module #12: Launch with Confidence

In this module you will learn how to quickly implement what you have learned following the launch checklist. Learn techniques for managing your time as a business owner, and how to leverage the strengths of others.


To quickly plan and launch your business with confidence!

  • 12 Module Self-Paced Training Course of Online ($1997 Value) 
  • Worksheets, Checklists, and Templates ($497 Value)
  • Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls ($197)
  • Individual Email & Phone Counseling as needed ($Priceless)
  • Private Facebook Group ($297)

total value:




  • Payment Plan available upon request.

You can access the program and receive support for 6 months.  Our goal is to provide you with the proper training and guidance to successfully plan and launch your new business with confidence. 

What participants have to say...

I have good news I received insurance bond and license last week and registered with labor and industries this morning so I am proud to announce that DUNCUSTOM HOME FINISH is officially a business. Thank you so much for your training course . without your course I probably would not have had the courage to make this dream come true. I also have other good news as I have been able to line up about 3 months of work for myself so far . Thanks again for your help!
Joseph Duncan
Duncustom Home Finish
"I have helped a lot of businesses set up financially, and I can advise them on taxes and setting up accounts , but I really didn't have the whole picture when it came to setting up a business. I was scattered. Taking this class helped me pull it all together and gave me a logical sequence to follow. "
Brooke Witt
"Before taking the training, I did not know how to start a business, or what to do. It was a big help to learn about my own capabilities. I was limited in what I could do, and you helped open up a broad field of different avenues I didn't know existed out there. It helped me immensely, I would recommend it to others."
Alfred J Fournier
Ornamental Blacksmithing
I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the Start-up class and how much I got out of it. I can't say enough about you as a teacher and presenter -- as I explained to everyone who asked, any guy who can make cash flow analysis interesting has a gift! 🙂 In all seriousness, your enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious and you made the material accessible and non-scary, which is saying a lot. The coursework was a lot more in depth than I was expecting, and I was impressed with the amount of material covered. I feel very prepared to face my new business head on.
Kristin Donovan
"This class really has changed my perspective on the amount of control I have over my career-destiny!"
Carrie Anderson
"I have little experience in business since I have worked for someone my entire life. After taking this class, I have a good foundation now. I really need to share with you a great big thank you. Your teaching was very good."
Edith King
“I want to thank you again for your classes, they were very informative and on track. After having a business for over 20 years then taking a break I could see my mistakes that I made and will learn from them.”
John Wollam
Stor-Guard LLC
"I took this class to get the skill set necessary to get myself in business. Even though I have a great deal of knowledge of the processes and steps, I didn't know how to put it all together. This class was very good in its ability to prioritize and give me the necessary steps in the proper order. I have already recommended this class to others."​
Michael Ervin
Canopy Crane
"Everybody that plans on going into business has their own idea of how they are going to do this. There are a lot of holes in everybody's business ideas. Most people do not take into account everything they need to do to get started. By taking this class and building a business plan, I have created the foundation of what my business will become."
John Towers
Yelm Towing

1. Download and fill out the SEAP Application (Click Here)

Download and complete the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) application or pick one up at your local WorkSource office.

2.Email us your signed SEAP Application

After you fill out your SEAP training application, mail it to us (or email) so we can complete our section. 420 Golf Club Road SE, #105, Lacey, WA 98503

3. Pay Your Course Tuition

You are responsible for paying your course tuition. WA State ESD does cover the cost for you to attend training.

frequently asked questions

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the SEAP program, please visit the WA ST ESD SEAP Frequently Asked Questions Page on their website.  

who is Daryl Murrow?

Daryl Murrow is an Author, Speaker, and Business Growth Strategist who helps business owners launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

He  developed a passion for entrepreneurship upon leaving the US Air Force in 1989, and started his first business in 1990 at the age of 25.  He has experience with starting, growing, purchasing, and selling businesses. 

In 2008, he started Murrow Group, LLC to provide coaching and consulting services to business owners.  In 2009 he became an approved SEAP training provider with Washington State Employment Security, and has trained hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs who have gone through this course. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my website and I hope you enjoy the Get Launched Now Training Program.

May your business be fun, rewarding, and extremely profitable!

Murrow Group, LLC, 420 Golf Club Road SE, #105, Lacey, WA 98503 | Contact: | 360-768-0725